Testimonials by XLash customers


This took a little while to figure out and get used to, but it actually does work. At first I was afraid to stick it too far into my ear, so I was disappointed when it didn’t seem to get anything out. But then as I got more comfortable with it, I was able to put it in farther and ended up getting some good wax out. So be careful, but don’t be too shy either. If you don’t stick it in far enough it won’t get anything, and then you’ll think it isn’t working.


Satisfied with the product.


Great tool to keep ear wax to a minimum. Also, gets to that inch in the ear! Love it!

Hilda Lane

Clever design and may help someone with no imagination . Didn’t help me because the wax build up wasn’t enough. Only someone with poor sanitation habits would let their ears build up enough wax to use this.


My mother wears hearing aids so she needs to keep her ears clean so the aids don’t get clogged with ear wax. These are very comfortable to use and she is very happy with them.

Maria truong

Finding a safe tool for proper ear cleaning has been a challenge for me, until I saw Smart Swab and bought it and after carefully reading the direction tried it. I got A bit of earwax on different part of the tip, and that is exactly what I was expecting, considering minimal earwax is good for ear. It also stops before reaching ear drum so feels safe.

Shelly Cooper

Smart swab cleans my ear canals safely and quickly. I am a quadriplegic, I need someone else to clean my ears and now I have a product that cleaning my ears is very easy to use for my caregivers.


This is a great product!! Smart Swab can last for a long time. The most important aspect is that it is safer than other products. I have my children use this from now on. Yes, there is only a little wax that comes out because you need to let the wax build up for a few weeks before using this. The good thing about this product is it directly takes out ear wax without pushing more ear wax into your ear canal which makes it safer than other products.